Lucky Shot – Bullet Cork Srew 50 Cal BMG

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Lucky Shot – Bullet Cork Srew 50 Cal BMG


LSCS -50PO Poly bag
LSCS -50BP Blister pack

Bullets don’t always mean beer. With our Bullet Corkscrew,your can bring our classic genuine brass.50 Caliber casing to your favorite bottle of chardonnay (pink out is optional).The end of the bullet unscrews to reveal the corkscrew.Simply slide the bullet through the hole and you have the perfect amount of leverage to open any bottle.
Product Debrief:The.50 Caliber BMG is best known for its use in all of the military’s heavy machine guns.Due to its high power,it’s also used as a sniper round as well as disabling lightly -batteria wehicles.Each corkscrew is made from a genuine, military-fired .50 caliber polished brass casing and measures approximately 7″.
Although our products do not contain any active gun powder or primes making them 100% safe for use,they resemble live ammunition;therefore,we do not recommend bringing them to location e where live ammunition is not permitted.Not recommended for use by children 12 years and younger.Because our Shell Casings and Projectiles are made from a once -fired US Military round,they may contain minor blemishes or scratches that are consistent with their history.

Dimensions: approximately 17.78 cm
Product weight: 0.163 kg
Materials:Brass &copper

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