Lucky Shot Motorcycle Bell .50 Cal BMG Brass

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Lucky Shot Motorcycle Bell .50 Cal BMG Brass



Ask any biker how he wards off evil road spirits that cause engine breakdowns and bike failures and he’ll tell you;with a small motorcycle bell attached to his handlebars.These lucky little tokens got their start in aviation when WWII pilots attached them to their flight-jackets for good fortune during missions.We made ours Lucky Shot style with a.50 caliber outer shell and.223 bullet clapper inside.

Legend has it that road spirits know as gremlins have been latching onto motorcycles for as long as bikers have been riding.These mischievous little gremlins are responsible for everything from bad luck journeys to an array of mechanical problems.By mounting a bell to your bike, the gremlins will become so intrigued by the constant riging,that they will emerge from their hiding spot to investigate.Once they do,they will become trapped inside the bell until they eventualy fall off and hit the ground.

Another piece of lore every bikers knows? The protection is doubled if the bell is given to you by a buddy,so all the better to give this badass ringer as a gift. Make their journey extra special by keeping them safe from road gremlins with Lucky Shot USA’s Motorcycle Bells!

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